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The zone districts listed in Table 2.1-1 are hereby created.

These districts shall have the boundaries shown on the Official Zoning Map maintained in electronic form by the Planning Department and available on the City of Aurora website. The base zone districts are grouped into four types — Residential districts, Mixed-use districts, Special Purpose districts, and Planned Development districts. In addition, there are several Overlay zone districts that supplement – but do not replace – the base zone districts over which they are applied.

Table 2.1-1

Zone Districts Established

Residential Districts

R-R, Rural Residential

R-1, Low-Density Single-Family Residential

R-2, Medium-Density Residential

R-3, Medium-Density Multifamily Residential

R-4, High-Density Residential

R-MH, Manufactured Home Park

Mixed-Use Zone Districts

MU-N, Mixed-Use Neighborhood District

MU-OI, Mixed-Use Office/Institutional

MU-C, Mixed-Use Corridor

MU-OA, Mixed-Use Original Aurora

MU-FB, Mixed-Use Fitzsimons Boundary

MU-TOD, Mixed-Use Transit-Oriented Development

MU-R, Mixed-Use Regional Activity Center

MU-A, Mixed-Use Airport

Special Purpose Districts

AD, Airport District

APZ, Accident Potential Zone

I-1, Business/Tech District

I-2, Medium Industrial District

POS – Park and Open Space

Overlay Zone Districts

(-FPO) Flood Protection Overlay District

(-AIO) Airport Influence Overlay District

(-CPO) City Parks Overlay District

(-HVO) Height and View Overlay District

(-HSO) Havana Street Overlay District

(-HPO) Historic Preservation Overlay District

(-NAO) Natural Area Overlay District

Planned Development Districts

PD, Planned Development District

(Ord. No. 2019-49 § 1, 08-19-2019)