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Structures containing over 75,000 square feet of gross floor area, and in which over 80 percent of the gross floor area is occupied by a single retail use, shall comply with the following standards in addition to those in Sections 146-4.8.4 through 146-4.8.8 above. In the event of an inconsistency between these standards and the standards in Sections 146-4.8.4 through 146-4.8.8 above, the standards in this Section 146-4.8.9 shall apply.

A. Pedestrian Scale Details. To promote a sense of human scale, special accent materials and design details shall be incorporated into all first floor façades and paving areas abutting pedestrian walkways. Such features shall include, but are not limited to:

1. Changes in paving patterns and materials at pedestrian building entrances and other significant pedestrian locations;

2. Special decorative wall patterns, textures, accent materials, or graphics;

3. Trim banks and reveals;

4. Special architectural features marking pedestrian entries; and

5. Display windows.

B. Façade Articulation. Each façade greater than 100 feet in length, measured horizontally, shall incorporate wall plane projections or recesses having a depth of at least 3 percent of the length of the façade (or at least two feet), and extending at least 20 percent of the length of the façade. No uninterrupted length of any façade shall exceed 100 horizontal feet.

C. Façade Design. Each building façade shall have a repeating pattern that shall include no less than three instances of; (1) color change, (2) texture changes, (3) material module change, or (4) expression of an architectural or structural bay through a change in plane no less than 12 inches in width, such as an offset reveal, or projecting rib. At least one of those elements shall repeat horizontally at an interval of no more than 50 feet.

D. Pedestrian Oriented Design Features. Ground floor façades that face public streets, on-site auto circulation drives, sidewalks, pedestrian paths, or plazas shall have arcades, display windows, entry areas, awnings, or other such features along no less than 60 percent of their horizontal length.

E. Customer Entrances. Each building shall have clearly defined, highly visible customer entrances featuring at least three of the following elements:

1. Canopies or porticos,

2. Arcades, arches, peaked roof forms, outdoor patios, display windows, architectural tilework or moldings integrated into the building design,

3. Overhangs, recesses or projections, or

4. Integrated planters or wing walls that incorporate landscaped areas or seating areas.

F. Outdoor Amenities. Each primary structure subject to this Section 146-4.8.9 shall provide at least two of the following: patio or seating area, pedestrian plaza with benches, transit stop, window shopping walkway, display windows adjacent to pedestrian routes, outdoor playground area, water feature, clock tower, or other deliberately shaped and highly visible outdoor amenity as approved by the Planning Director. (Ord. No. 2019-49 § 1, 08-19-2019)