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Providing for sound democratic council-manager government with general control vested in the citizens who elect a qualified city council to determine legislative and policy objectives and providing for competent administrative personnel for efficient day to day city government.

Editor's note: Printed herein is the city Charter, as approved by the voters of the city on June 27, 1961. Amendments to the Charter are indicated by parenthetical history notes following amended provisions. The absence of a history note indicates that the provision remains unchanged from the original Charter. Obvious misspellings have been corrected without notation. For stylistic purposes, a uniform system of headings, catchlines and citations to state statutes has been used. Additions made for clarity are indicated by brackets.


The Charter Convention elected on February 28, 1961 respectfully presents this Charter to the voters of the City of Aurora, Colorado for their approval.

The Charter Convention has studied the Charters of several other Colorado cities, has had the advice of experts in the field of city government, and has employed competent legal counsel in evolving the final draft of the Charter here presented.

The Constitution of the State of Colorado authorizes a Home Rule City to have great latitude and freedom in exercising its governmental functions, implemented by the necessary grant of authority to serve its citizens. It is the intent of this Charter that the City of Aurora shall be able to exercise these Constitutional powers.

This Charter is itself a guide as to how these powers shall be used and a limitation on those powers, designating which may be exercised by the city council, which are reserved to the people themselves, and what the basic organizational structure shall be to serve the citizens.

The Charter provides for the continuation of our present Council-Manager form of city government. Ten councilmen will be elected biennially as has been the practice in the past, one from each of the 6 wards of the city, and 4 from the city at large. 1 A mayor will also be elected biennially by the voters making a total of 11 councilmen as we have at present. 1

1 Editor's note: These provisions reflect the current composition of the City Council which has been amended since the time of the adoption of the original Charter in 1961.

The Charter Convention feels that the premise expressed by the writers of our Federal Constitution should prevail in city government, basically, that frequency of elections is the cornerstone of true democracy; that a few members of council will possess superior talents, and will by frequent reelections become members of long standing, thorough masters of the public business.

Provisions are made in the Charter for recall of elected officers, for control of legislation by the people through initiative and referendum and for amendment of the Charter by popular vote. Provision is also made that no elected officer of the city shall hold any other elective public office.

The city council will have all policy-making and legislative power in the city. They will appoint the city manager, city attorney, municipal judge, and members of advisory boards and commissions.

The city manager will be the administrative officer of the city, and be subject to removal by a majority vote of the council.

The Charter Convention has attempted to make the Charter far encompassing and broad in scope, to cover our everchanging needs, and envisioning a continuance of the fast growth of our city.

The Convention sincerely feels that the City of Aurora will under this Charter continue its sound and progressive government, and unanimously recommends the approval of this Charter by the voters at the election on June 27, 1961.


Glenn C. Leader, Jr.


Henry W. Allard

Dick Kingman

Harry L. Booker

James L. Larsh

Allen C. Bradley

William B. Mansfield

Jay T. Chapin

Orville H. Schisler

Kenneth L. Dunbar

Robert B. Soderborg

Clell W. Hardee

Joe Spagnola

Joseph M. Harris

Dorothy Turkowski

Bryce A. Heffley

Norma Walker

Marion L. Hutchison

J. Tracy Whitaker

Shirley W. Jorgenson

Carl E. Zeiger


We, the people of Aurora, Colorado, under the authority of the Constitution of the State of Colorado, do ordain, establish, and adopt this Charter for our municipal government.