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Certificate of Final Adoption

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We, the undersigned, present members of the Aurora Charter Convention, duly elected by the people of Aurora, Colorado at a special election held on February 28, 1961, or duly appointed according to law, under authorization of Article XX, Constitution of the State of Colorado, to frame a Home Rule Charter for the City of Aurora, do hereby certify that the foregoing is the Proposed Charter as finally approved and adopted by the members of the Convention on the twenty-fifth day of April, 1961, for submission to the people of Aurora at a special election to be held on June 27, 1961.

Done in triplicate at Aurora, Colorado, this twenty-fifth day of April, 1961.

Glenn C. Leader, Jr.


Norma Walker

J. Tracy Whitaker

Henry W. Allard

Shirley W. Jorgensen

Harry L. Booker

Dick Kingman

Allen C. Bradley

James L. Larsh

Jay T. Chapin
Deceased 8:22 p.m., 4-24-61

William B. Mansfield

Kenneth L. Dunbar

Orville H. Schisler

Clell W. Hardee

Robert B. Soderborg

Joseph M. Harris

Joe Spagnola

Bryce A. Heffley

Dorothy Turkowski

Marion L. Hutchison

Carl. E. Zeiger

Mr. Jay. T. Chapin's demise was within 24 hours of the time set for signing the Charter.