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The city manager shall be responsible to the council for the proper administration of all affairs of the city placed in his charge, and to that end he shall have the power and duty to:

(a) Enforce the laws and ordinances of the city;

(b) Appoint, suspend, transfer and remove all employees of the city, except as otherwise provided herein, subject to the personnel regulations of the city adopted by council;

(c) Make appointments on the basis of executive and administrative ability and of the training and experience of such appointees in the work which they are to perform;

(d) Prepare a proposed budget annually and submit it to the council, and be responsible for the administration of the budget after its adoption;

(e) Prepare and submit to the council as of the end of the fiscal year a complete report on finances and administrative activities of the city for the preceding year, and upon request of the council make written or verbal reports at any time concerning the affairs of the city under his supervision;

(f) Keep the council advised of the financial condition and future needs of the city and make such recommendations to the council for adoption as he may deem necessary or expedient;

(g) Exercise supervision and control over all administrative departments and recommend to council any proposal relevant to the establishment, consolidation or abolishment of such departments;

(h) Enforce all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the city or its inhabitants in any contract or public utility franchise, and upon knowledge of any violation thereof, report the same to the council for such action and proceedings as may be necessary to enforce the same;

(i) Attend council meetings and participate in discussions with the council in an advisory capacity;

(j) Inform the public concerning plans and activities of the council and of the city administration;

(k) Establish a system of accounting and auditing for the city; show that legal provisions have been complied with and reflect the financial condition, and financial operation of the city; establish cost accounting systems whenever practicable;

(l) Be responsible for engineering, architectural, maintenance, construction and work equipment services required by the city; and

(m) Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by this Charter or by ordinance, required by council and not inconsistent with this Charter. (Ord. No. 87-202, § 31, 11-3-1987)