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Council shall meet regularly at the city hall at least twice each month at a time to be fixed by the rules of procedure of each council. The council shall prescribe rules of procedure to govern meetings. All meetings for the transaction of business shall be open to the public.

Special meetings of the council may be called for such place and in the manner and at the time provided for by the rules of procedure. Six members of the council shall constitute a quorum. (Ord. No. 83-137, § 4, 11-8-1983; Ord. No. 87-202, § 13, 11-3-1987)

Editor's note: Former § 3-7 was renumbered and amended to read as set out in § 3-8 by § 13 of Ord. No. 87-202, approved at a city election held Nov. 3, 1987.