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Each councilmember when elected shall be a registered elector, shall be a citizen of the United States of America, and shall have resided in the City of Aurora for at least one year prior to the date of the election and shall have reached their twenty-first birthday prior to the date of the election. Councilmembers elected from wards shall also be one-year residents and registered electors of the respective wards from which they were elected. A person who has been convicted of a felony shall not become a candidate for nor hold elective office. No councilmember shall hold any other elective public office nor be a salaried employee of the City of Aurora. (Ord. No. 87-202, § 9, 11-3-1987; Ord. No. 91-47, § 1, 11-13-1991; Ord. No. 95-43, § 4, 7-31-1995)

Editor's note: Ordinance No. 2021–30, effective on September 25, 2021, amending Code section 54–31, reflects the City Council’s determination that said code section, and this Charter section 3–3 must be read in harmony with Article VII, Section 10 and Article XII, Section 4 of the Colorado Constitution, replacing "felony" as it appears in this section with the constitutional list: "embezzlement of public money, bribery, perjury, solicitation of bribery or subornation of perjury."